Physics Based Rendering

U-STUDIO X completely subvert the original traditional mode based on baking rendering, creatively integrate ray tracing, real-time material, global light and shadow, and dynamic depth of field into the 3D scene and packaging system, seamlessly compatible with the original scene and packaging resources, and realize the simulation of the real world with PBR algorithm.

Material system

New material synthesizer -- through the accurate calculation of many parameters such as diffuse reflection, metal, self illumination, bump and normal of the material, it depicts the realistic material effect. Restore the wonderful world to the greatest extent.

Interactive system

The parameters such as illumination, shadow, reflection and refraction can be set in real time, and the interaction mode is simple and friendly. The object motion control is intuitive and clear, and the processing of multi-channel video stream has also been optimized. The characteristics and requirements of video content production are fully considered, and the workflow is efficient and convenient.

Real time lighting system

Independently adjust the self luminous properties of scene objects: the self luminous color and brightness can be adjusted freely to complete special effects such as luminous screen, glow and volume light
Independent increase or decrease of various types of lights (point light source, directional light and spotlight): the color and brightness of the light source can be adjusted freely, the projection direction of the light source can be adjusted independently, and the light source has multi-mode attenuation and ray tracing

Real time dynamic depth of field system

10-150mm lens depth of field area
Multistage aperture coefficient is independently adjustable
Dynamic tracking depth of field
Multiple focusing modes follow the virtual camera in real time
The embedded content of the package has the same depth of field effect as the virtual scene

3D space representation based on physical rendering

Luminescence attribute control

For each component in three-dimensional space, the reflection and luminescence (including luminous color) can be controlled independently through the object properties, so that the components that need self luminescence can simulate the glow and volume light effects in the real world.