Lecture Streaming with Immersive Graphics

Flexible and Rich Layouts

Multi-Window Composition

Multi-Window Composition is U-MOOC's most popular feature.

Broad Application

U-MOOC supports displaying up to four windows and one background simultaneously in Full-HD. This makes U-MOOC applicable to all types of broadcasting scenarios, such as professional TV programs, telecommunications, press conferences, presentations, game streaming and more.

Customizable Layouts

The powerful editor allows you to fully customize layouts in 3D and store the them as templates.

Stunning Layout Transitions

The transitions between layouts are beautiful and continuous. U-MOOC can automatically calculate motion paths for a smooth transition, or swap the entire layout with abundant of 3D animations.

Virtual Screens As Big As IMAX Screens

Screens can be placed any way you like in the virtual world and they can even be bigger than cinema screens.

Multi-Channel Playback

You can flexibly playback or export the composited video or video of only the slides.

Streaming and Recording

The videos can be easily saved to a local hard drive or a network storage.

Beauty Filters

Our beauty filters can improve video quality even when the lecturer stands in an undesirable lighting environment without makeups.

Simple Post Editing

This machine comes standard with video editing tools. Complete the final production of MOOC videos intuitively and quickly.

Wireless Control

The use of wireless remote control reduces the need for complex setup.

Files can be easily saved or discarded.

A simple production pipeline ensures ease of use.

An interactive pen can annotate on any plane.

Closely resembles the feeling of presenting in front of a whiteboard.

Record Status Reminder

U-MOOC always shows a clear indication of whether the streaming has started.

Content Projection

The content can be projected to the green screen with very low intensity such that it can be viewed by the lecturer but does not impact color-keying. The lecturer can annotate on the screen with the interactive pen.

Multicamera Switching

U-MOOC comes with hundreds of camera transition effects, allowing you to create sophisticated live programs.

Virtual Scenes and Cameras

Virtual cameras can be moved around the scene to synthesize arbitrary viewpoints.

More Features

Branding and Themeing

Titlegraphics can be themed to fit your school or organization's branding.

AI Chroma-Key

AI Chroma-Key is intelligent and simple. It can automatically extract the subject without any parameter tuning.

Powerful Resource Library

U-MOOC comes with abundant of resource templates: up to 500 3D scenes and 200 titlegraphics templates. In addition, we continue to publish new templates on our online store, which can be downloaded and used at any time.