U-Caster Exclusive

Multi-Window Composition

Multi-Window Composition is U-Caster's most unique feature.

Broad Application

U-Caster supports displaying up to four windows and one background simultaneously in full-HD. Such a powerful function is applicable in all types of live broadcast scenarios, such as professional TV programs, telecommunications, press conferences, presentations, live game commentaries and more.

Customizable Layouts

The powerful editor allows you to customize your own layout in three-dimensional space, and store the layouts as templates.

Stunning Layout Transitions

The transitions between layouts are beautiful and continuous. U-Caster can spontaneously calculate motion path for smooth transition, or switch the layout as a whole applying vast 3D transitions.

Infinite Stylistic Options

U-Caster provides multiple window frame presets, the color, highlight, reflection, bitmaps of which can be quickly adjusted to match the intended style of your program. In addition, you can easily configure animated light effects on the frame with full control over the speed, color, and more.