U-Caster 4K Models

A variety of models to satisfy the demands of all types.

4U Chassis

Standard 4U chassis is adopted to meet the requirements of professional radio and television. It is a powerful computer, equipped with self-developed hardware board and provided with perfect input and output interface.

Portable all-in-one machine

The integrated design balances ease of movement and performance. Carry the all-in-one machine to work outside without bothering with cumbersome cables. Plug in and start up to complete the live broadcast task.

U-Caster Mini

U-Caster Mini's external design gives you flexibility to bring your own laptop for remote production. U-Caster Mini provides all the professional connection ports, such as HD-SDI, that are equipped on Pro and Case, and uses Thunderbolt 3.0 to connect with your high-performance laptop.

2U Chassis

Using standard 2U chassis, it is a powerful computer. The assembly of simplified hardware board makes the civilian level live broadcast closer to the radio and television level and achieve more cool effects.

USB Mobile Box

The USB mobile box simplifies the professional input and output, retains one SDI / HDMI input or one SDI / HDMI output, and greatly expands the input of USB camera. This further reduces the size and allows multiple cameras to live into pockets and into civilians.