U-Caster Models

Four different models satisfy demands of all types.

U-Caster Pro

U-Caster Pro’s standard 2U body frame is built for professional broadcast integration. It is an incredibly powerful PC equipped with Uni-Leader's proprietary I/O card, satisfying the demands of professional customers.

U-Caster Case

U-Caster Case’s touch screen unibody balances portability and performance. When taking U-Caster Case for remote productions, you will no longer be bothered by plugging in and out of the cables. Just connect to power, and turn on. All the switching can be done through your fingertips.

U-Caster Mini

U-Caster Mini’s external design gives you flexibility to bring your own laptop for remote production. U-Caster Mini provides all the professional connection ports, such as HD-SDI, that are equipped on Pro and Case, and uses Thunderbolt 3.0 to connect with your high-performance laptop.

U-Caster Nano

U-Caster Nano removes professional ports and switches to use HDMI as for input and output, further minimizing the size to enable live broadcast for everyone. U-Caster Nano continues supporting NDI wireless IP inputs and even support using USB cameras as signal inputs.