4K Crop

Cropping 4K inputs to simulate FHD pan, tilt, and zoom

Three 4K SDI Inputs!
Generate up to 15 FHD Cropped Outputs!

u-caster can perform cropping on three 4K inputs and produces up to 15 FHD camera angles all in real-time.

A Proprietary 4K Video Processing Chip

Mingmou 219, with its original meaning of Bright Eyes in Mandarin Chinese, is the proprietary 4K video processing chip that empowers the high proformance computation. The tight integration of software and hardware innovations makes u-caster the most powerful virtual live broadcast solution in the industry.

Lossless tracking technology

The 4K screen is intelligently extracted and fits steadily in the 3D scene.
In the camera motion of all directions and angles, the front and rear scene pixels are guaranteed to fit through VPU and algorithm, and there is no delay or error in tracking.
Solve delays and jitter due to tracking in all hardware tracking methods such as mechanical tracking, electronic control head, tracking robot, etc.

The depth transformation

4k crop is not a simple image transformation

The 4K screen has a depth-of-field effect formed by the rotation of the real camera in a 3D scene

The tracking angle is variable and the frame is significantly beyond the 4K input screen boundary

Programmatic manipulation

u-caster plus uses inter-seat motion switching, automatic tracking, U-Panel pilot switcher remote control tracking and other ways to achieve a single point of operation, full control of all aerial and close-up position information, and truly realize the studio program production "as you like." Either way, there is no need for a cameraman to work with in the studio.