Multi-Camera Switch

Touch screen supported! Use your finger to switch among four inputs and two locals applying vast 3D transition effects.

Multiple Input Channels

U-Caster supports four channel inputs of any wired and wireless combinations. Wired HD-SDI inputs (or a HDMI input on U-Caster Nano) transmit uncompressed full-HD signals, meeting the needs of professional TV broadcasters. Wireless NDI inputs can utilize the camera of your mobile device or the screen of your computer as sources of input, broadening your choice when making your live broadcast. Last but not least, there are two local footage channels supporting the importation of vast amount of video or image formats.

Infinite Transition Effects

U-Caster's resource library includes hundreds of transition effects. These effects, from simple fade-in, fade-out, to complex 3D transitions, meet the needs of different styles and scenarios. In addition, U-Caster supports customized transition effects by reading the luminance channel of a bitmap.

U-Caster Exclusive

Touch Screen Interface

U-Caster's interface is designed to meet the need of accurate switching during live broadcast. When using U-Caster models equipped with touch screens, you will experience the unprecedented responsiveness right through your fingertips.