Virtual Sets

U-Studio unlocks infinite possibilities for video producers to create sophisticated virtual live programs.

Create Scenes Beyond Real

U-Studio’s virtual set is famous for its infinite scene choice and realistic real-time rendering. U-Studio provides up to 400 preset scenes of different categories, and supports importing scenes from mainstream 3D software, such as 3Ds Max. Built upon our advanced, proprietary rendering engine, U-Studio is capable of reconstructing reflection, water waves, and animated objects that reflect reality or even beyond reality. In Addition, Uni-Leader's designers team offers tailor service, creating top-tier scenes on your demand.

A.I. Powered Color Key

U-Studio's CK-Turbo module supports A.I. powered one-click color key parameter calculation to achieve the best keying result. Also, with Uni-Leader's proprietary keying algorithm, U-Studio's color key guarantees a smooth transition between the foreground and background, and can recover shadow, smoke, hair, and transparent objects, etc. Only one click away, the host of yours will seamlessly blend into the immersive virtual environment.

Real-Time Waveform Monitor

U-Studio's embedded professional real-time waveform monitor eliminates the cost of purchasing an external waveform monitoring device. The waveform monitor helps analyze subtle information that is undetectable by the eyes. Its accurate color and brightness waveform graphs satisfy the demand for professional video making. Additionally, U-Studio also utilizes the information provided by the waveform monitor to intelligently optimize its color keying.

Multiple Cameras, Multiple Tracks

Like real cameras, U-Studio's virtual cameras allow detailed configurations of position, anchor point, zoom, and field of view. It offers up to eight tracks for keyframes, and can divide each track to four even steps during camera transition, which combine to enable switching among up to 32 virtual camera positions!



An additional accessory, U-Track, can capture the pan, tilt, and zoom of the physical camera at real-time, allowing the cameraman to adjust shots through the physical camera.