Virtual Studio

U-Studio unlocks infinite possibilities for video producers to create sophisticated virtual live programs.

Create Scenes Beyond Real

U-Studio's virtual set is famous for its infinite scene choice and realistic real-time rendering. U-Studio provides up to 400 preset scenes of different categories, and supports importing scenes from mainstream 3D software, such as 3Ds Max. Built upon our advanced, proprietary rendering engine, U-Studio is capable of reconstructing reflection, water waves, and animated objects that reflect the reality. In Addition, Uni-Leader's design team offers tailor service to help create top-tier scenes on your demand.

A.I. Powered Color Keying

U-Studio supports A.I. powered color key calibration to help you achieve the best keying result. With U-Studio's proprietary keying algorithm, U-Studio's color key produces a smooth transition between the foreground and the background. It can also intelligently preserve shadow, smoke, hair, and transparent objects. With only one click, the host of your program will seamlessly blend into the immersive virtual environment.

A.I. ray tracing chroma key

In order to completely restore the chroma key picture and details, u-turbo introduces CUDA ray tracing technology.
The image is specially processed from the aspects of shadow retention, noise reduction, color suppression, color restoration and so on.
It can not only make the chroma key color without offset, but also ensure the true restoration of hair, shadow and other details.

Color suppression、Color restoration

Based on active noise reduction and color suppression algorithm,Actively deal with the color absorbed by the image before and after the chroma key and the disordered light color, and carry out color restoration, compensation and correction.While suppressing green,eliminate the influence of contrast color on the picture,The host still maintains a very high degree of reduction after chroma key.

Green curtain analysis、Detail retention

U-Turbo2. 0 chroma key to build the green screen model of each angle,capture details in real time, such as shadows, hair, skin edges, etc,In the chroma key, these details are completely restored, the shadow is completely retained, the hair is clear, and the skin edge transition is natural.

LUT Color Adjustment

Customize and adjust the colors of the host after the chroma key.

Tonal Fusion

Homogenize the tone of the host after chroma key with the current 3D scene,Make them have the same color and brightness.Enable hosts to better integrate into different 3D scenes.

Skin Tone Adjustment

Based on the needs of different environments,Display the relationship between brightness and color in the shooting image,Simultaneously adjust curves, tones, hue saturation, etc,Bring skin color infinitely closer to what you need.In addition, adjusting the skin color can also assist in removing the green stains on the character's body, better restoring the color.


Apply different styles of LUTs and complete personalized chroma key settings with just one click.

Automatic identification of ZiLiPai、Intelligence MeiYan

U-studio integrates ZiLiPai automatic recognition and intelligent MeiYan algorithm
Automatic identification of ZiLiPai:Color recognition,it can automatically reserve multiple ZiLiPai areas without chroma key。
Intelligent MeiYan:Intelligent skin color recognition,Skin beautifying、Bright white, and does not affect eyes, hair and clothing。

Real-Time Waveform Monitor

U-Studio's embedded professional real-time waveform monitor eliminates the cost of purchasing an external waveform monitoring device. The waveform monitor helps analyze subtle information that is undetectable by the eyes. Its accurate color and brightness waveform graphs meet the demand for professional video making. Additionally, U-Studio also utilizes the information provided by the waveform monitor to intelligently optimize its color keying.