U-Studio Mix VR Exclusive

Mixed Reality

Use mixed reality to create unprecedented visuals.

Adapt to All Studio Environments

U-Studio Mix is designed to bring the best mixed-reality visual experience to physical studios of all kinds. No matter you are a current studio owner or planning to build your first, U-Studio Mix offers the most adaptability and flexibility that help you to thrive at a minimum cost.

The blue box will be accurately cut and replaced with a three-dimensional scene
The real scene part has a real-time depth of field, and uses three-dimensional scene or three-dimensional packaging layered superposition to realize real occlusion
For example, the three-dimensional objects wound on the beam block each other from the real scene

You can select the keying area yourself

In the real scene area, not only the depth of field is controlled in real time, but also whether a blue part in the real scene area needs to be matted can be done at will; In the real scene on the same floor, the blue color behind the host is removed by the color key, and the blue screen area is reserved

Right perspective relationship

Real scene and virtual scene are integrated into one.
The virtual packaging or the scene and the real scene are covered by the real depth of field, and the host moves around freely in the virtual scene and the real scene.
The application of three-dimensional integrated virtual reality can truly realize the reality in the virtual and the virtual in the real.

Depth Render

Deep Fusion with 3D Spatial Awareness

The mixed reality in U-Studio Mix is much more advanced than simple color keying on a 2D camera image. Through importing the 3D model of the physical studio, U-Studio Mix is capable of reconstructing the 3D spatial structure and having a deep understanding of the environment. U-Studio can produce a correct rendering of 3D virtual objects at any coordinate. In this demo, the band of particles is correctly rendered for the parts that are in front of the crossbeam and hid for the parts that are behind the crossbeam.

Reinvigorate Your Studio

U-Studio Mix revolutionizes mixed reality live broadcast, bringing a perfect fusion of both worlds. While keeping the physical structures and textures of an actual studio, mixed reality can easily enlarge the spatial area through virtualization, provide a wall-sized virtual LED screen at a much lower cost and higher quality, and even fuse in animated virtual elements that would be otherwise impossible. U-Studio Mix elevates the visual of your broadcast to an unprecedented level.