Multi-Camera Switch

Switching among 12 inputs, and 32 virtual camera positions!

Up to 12 Input Channels

U-Studio supports four HD-SDI inputs, two NDI inputs, two USB inputs, two file inputs, two title-graphics inputs, and an optional accessory to enable additional two HDMI inputs. The wired HD-SDI inputs transmit uncompressed full-HD signals, meeting the needs of professional TV broadcasters. The wireless NDI inputs can utilize the camera of your mobile device or the screen of your computer as sources of input, broadening your choice when making your live broadcast. Combining the inputs and virtual camera setups, U-Studio can switch among up to 32 camera positions.

Infinite Transition Effects

U-Studio's resource library includes hundreds of transition effects. These effects, from simple fade-in, fade-out, to complex 3D transitions, meet the needs of different styles and scenarios. In addition, U-Studio supports customized transition effects by reading the luminance channel of a bitmap.

Hardware Switching Panel

Although U-Studio can perform switching using its software interface, U-Panel, the hardware switching panel that comes in with every U-Studio, can further simplify procedures and ensure fluent operation during your live broadcast. Built specifically for U-Studio, U-Panel projects all the software's essential functionalities. Its beautiful LED backlight enhances operation in dark environments.