U-Studio Mix AR Exclusive

Augmented Reality Studio

Real environment
Blue and green boxes are not required
Mosaic the core real scene area into the 3D virtual space

Suitable for any real studio scene

Change the splicing screen from "small" to "large"; Dress up the humble real scene
Only the live screen and floor are selected as effective live areas
Keep the original lens index
Preserve the natural effect of lighting shadows

Measure the real scene area and construct three-dimensional spatial coordinates

The real scene area to be used is modeled in three-dimensional space and embedded in the virtual scene without difference, so that the real scene and the virtual scene have the same space system, so that the real scene camera can have a correct perspective relationship at any angle.
In addition, the same space system and fixed coordinates, under the dynamic shooting of the virtual camera, ensure that the superimposed real scene and the virtual scene have absolutely the same motion state, and there will be no dislocation or drift.

Multi angle shooting

When shooting from different angles, it can also ensure the correct perspective relationship.
Each camera used for shooting can set the running track of the virtual space, and the moving picture is smooth.
U-Studio Mix can also support 4K crop and u-aitracker intelligent tracking. Each camera can set a preset position to realize the programmed control of the moving position, so as to replace the manual operation of the cameraman.

Reinvigorate Your Studio

U-Studio Mix revolutionizes mixed reality live broadcast, bringing a perfect fusion of both worlds. While keeping the physical structures and textures of an actual studio, mixed reality can easily enlarge the spatial area through virtualization, provide a wall-sized virtual LED screen at a much lower cost and higher quality, and even fuse in animated virtual elements that would be otherwise impossible. U-Studio Mix elevates the visual of your broadcast to an unprecedented level.