Based on 4k Crop  
Subversive change to traditional tracking patterns.Automatic tracking of the host in real time throughout the process

• AI Intelligent Tracking

• Active camera remote control

How smart tracking works

Based on the autonomous 4K video processing chip of "Ming-Mou 219", artificial intelligence algorithm reasoning is completed.By training the computer AI "identify" the camera to capture the picture, from which to extract the body information of the character, real-time binding 4K "with the heart" tracking tracking track, to achieve automatic tracking of dynamic characters.

Unique form of tracking

. Eliminate traditional gimcoder and camera positioning tracking modes

. No external auxiliary equipment is required to make AI identification directly based on the input signal

. Intelligently extract and bind 3D scenes to follow the host's motion in real time and automatically

• AI Intelligent Tracking

The software automatically identifies the host within the camera's shooting range, and extracts the body motion information, binds the virtual scene, and lets the virtual scene follow the host's motion in sync.

Based on the powerful graphic image recognition algorithm, the tracking state after binding can ensure that the tracking is not delayed, the tracking process pixel-level fit, no error.

The benefits of intelligent tracking

Follow the host's movements in real time and automatically

Not delayed

The host fits with the virtual 3D scene pixel level

Meet flat rocking, pitching, push and pull all direction tracking, with real depth of field

Supports 3x4 hosts for independent tracking

... ...

• Active camera remote control

Based on virtual aerial motion and 4K CROP intelligent tracking algorithm, the tracking process will be integrated into the switcher rocker control, each position rocking, pushing, pulling, pitching and other directions of the remote control process can achieve "slow up and down", smooth action, so that the tracking process before and after the scene between the pixel level fit, no error.