Title Graphics

Unprecedented title graphics with straightforward management makes every live show look stunningly professional.

Title Graphics in 3D

In U-Studio, title graphics are rendered in 3D. It is incredibly fast to create 3D graphics with full-range customization controls of font, shape, shadow, depth, and more. It also helps arrange 2D elements faster within the 3D space.

Customizable Animation

In U-Studio, inside each title graphics is a powerful timeline that can group, manage, and configure over thousands of elements. Furthermore, each element contains sub-timelines that control effects, such as opacity, glow, and oscillation, in a clear and separated manner. This logical design helps video producers create gorgeous title graphics with complex animations that satisfy video programs of all kinds.

Template Workflow

The innovative template workflow allows you to build your title graphics as templates. Template simplifies content substitution, making reuse of resource more efficient. To build a template, simply select 'active' on elements containing dynamic contents of text, image, or video. Then, these active elements will be listed separately for your future substitution.

U-Studio Exclusive

Integrated Graphics in Virtual Scenes

What makes U-Studio unique is its ability to integrate its sophisticated title graphics into its realistic virtual scenes in a easily controllable workflow. This allows the title graphics to emerge within the virtual environment, interacting with the host in a way that transcends the format of traditional live broadcast, not only delivering information more vividly, but also making your live show appear extra professional.


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