Tech Specs

Pro Case Mini Nano
Feature Professional Touch Screen Unibody Portability Extreme Portability
Structure Standard 2U body frame Touch screen unibody frame Laptop and mini box Laptop and nano Box
Size 56×43×18cm 52×36×18cm 24.5×5.6×16cm 10.5×9.6×2.6cm
Video/Audio IO 4 SDI/HDMI/NDI/IP inputs
2 XLR inputs
2 SDI/1 HDMI output
4 USB/NDI/IP inputs
1 IP title graphics input
1 HDMI output
Internet Streaming RTMP/RTSP/UDP/MMS
Sync Input 1 REF IN None
Local Footage avi/mpg/mp4/mov/jpg
jpeg/png/bmp/tga sequence
Virtual Sets Supported
3D Title Graphics Supported
Touch Screen Extendable Supported Extendable
Multi-Window Composition Supported
Local Encode Supported
Internet Streaming Supported
Mode Switchable between PAL and NTSC
Remote Control Support using tablets, laptops, or phones
Tally Supported